Quit Smoking Ideas

Top 10 Tips for Quitting Smoking

If you’re a smoker, quitting the smoking habit can feel like trying to move a mountain sometimes. You’ve tried to quit, but for whatever reason you’ve given in in a moment of weakness.

Quit smoking ideasAs addictive as smoking is there are ways to quit, such as using e-cigarettes and support groups, and there are people who’ve done it. Here are the top 10 tips for helping you get a grip on your smoking addiction.

Top 10 Tips For Quitting Smoking

1) Ask Yourself Why

The first step in quitting is figuring out why you smoke. For some, they tried it during their formative years and so it’s truly been a life-long addiction. For others, they went through a traumatic experience and turned to smoking for comfort.

Whatever the reason, the best thing to do is make a list of “triggers,” or reasons why you smoke. Try to identify what it is that makes you turn to cigarettes, so that you will be aware of those warning signs in the future.

2) Why Cigarettes

The next tip is to figure out what it is about cigarettes that is attractive to you. Does it calm your nerves?Cigarette Do your friends do it and do you hate feeling left out? Or do you just need something to do with your hands?

People turn to cigarettes for a variety of reasons. Once you identify why cigarettes are so sexy to you, you’ll have a better shot of finding something equally attractive to turn to in your weak moments.

3) Motivate Yourself

Motivation is always a good way to start the path to living smoking-free. Realizing the good things in your life family, friends, job, pets, whatever, gives you motivation to quit.

The best motivation should come because you are doing this for you. But if that isn’t enough, living for the people that care about you and the other good things in your life should be the ultimate motivating factor.

4) Incentivize

Quitting is hard. You know that. So it might help to reward yourself from time-to-time. Make small, time-based goals for yourself to give you something doable to work toward. Once you’ve reached those goals, celebrate!

If you’re just starting out, take yourself out for ice cream on the first day of quitting. If it’s a week, go to a movie. If it’s a month, do some shopping. If longer, go bigger if you can. Rewards make you feel like you really accomplished something and you’ll want to keep working toward the ultimate smoke-free goal.

5) Don’t Go It Alone

Let your family and friends know you’re quitting so they can support you. If they’re aware of your goals, they can be there if you feel tempted. They can also make extra efforts to eliminate temptations when you visit them or when they visit you. They love you and want to help, so let them.

6) Support Groups

Being with a group of people who are struggling with the same things you are will help you recognize that you’re not alone. Being supported and being able to support someone else with the same problem you have not only helps you, but allows you to help someone else. This is just icing on the cake as far as motivation goes.

7) Keep Your Hands Busy

After awhile, smoking just becomes second nature. You reach for it because you’re used to keeping your hands busy.

If that’s the main problem, replace the cigarette with something else. Some have taken up knitting and carry a needle with them everywhere. Others keep little toys with them so they have something to fiddle with. One of the best options is having an e-cigarette handy, as this will not only keep your hands busy, but can replace the act of smoking altogether for something safer.

8) Pause

When you get into the habit of reaching for a cigarette, it’s hard to even remember doing it. If you stop and think about it before you grab it, you can give yourself some time to pause and think of why you’re doing it.

This goes back to that list you made of reasons why you smoke and reasons why you should quit. By taking a minute to think and contemplate the urge, you’re allowing yourself to go through the process of weighing the pros and cons. You’re giving yourself a chance to say no before you say yes.

9) Money

Smoking is not only an addictive habit, it’s an expensive one as well. People who smoke tend to spend almost $2000 a year on cigarettes, sometimes more. And with new laws and regulations being passed, taxes on cigarettes could skyrocket, costing you even more money.

By saving the money you would’ve spent on cigarettes, you could invest in retirement, buy a motorcycle, take a vacation, or even buy a boat. Save up your money for something you really want and skip the cigarette packs.

10) E-Cigarettes

E-cigarettes are devices that are battery-operated. Users inhale vapors which are nicotine-induced, but leave out the tar and carbon monoxide contained in regular cigarette smoke.

Electronic cigarettePeople who use e-cigarettes have had success in that they are able to eliminate the harmful cigarettes by mimicking the action, so their body sticks with the routine. It’s healthier for them, and many of them even gave up smoking completely after using the e-cigarettes for awhile.

E-cigarettes are portable and easy to use, so switching is normally not too difficult. Many users find this as a viable, if not the most valuable option. And if they were able to quit as a result, it just might be.

E-cigarettes, motivation, support groups, etc. are all good tips to help you quit smoking. One of the most important reasons to quit should be you. Make a bucket list of everything you haven’t done in your life yet, and work on quitting so you can live long enough to do them all.

By quitting the smoking habit, you’ll insure yourself the healthy, smoke-free future you always planned. And the personal satisfaction you’ll get from overcoming this nasty and addictive habit will be priceless.